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Who We Are

Your tax, accounting, & bookkeeping needs, all in one place.

Here at Mana, we are your individual and small business accounting, bookkeeping, and tax department, all in one. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a one-stop-shop for small businesses looking for outsourced accounting along with assisting individuals on all of their tax preparation needs.

Hiring an accountant can be costly for a business owner looking to expand. We are the perfect solution for small businesses seeking to find all of the benefits of having an accounting department for a fraction of the price.

We believe that taking care of all your bookkeeping, accounting, and tax needs in one place allows us to understand the full picture of your business and goals. This comprehensive knowledge is essential, and enables us to help you implement effective cost-saving strategies and maximize the growth of your company. 

In addition to our business owner services, we are experts on individual tax preparation. Whether you solely receive a W2 or have additional complexities from investments to foreign income, self employment, and rental properties, we can help ensure you are paying the correct amount in taxes, and not a dollar more.

This model is backed by our active communication approach which allows our clients a constant, open line of contact. We are always here to help you fully understand your finances.




Joshua was raised in Bethlehem, PA and grew to love the area. He stayed local for college, attending DeSales University in Center Valley, PA for a double major in accounting and finance.
While in college he worked at a local insurance and financial services firm gaining knowledge and understanding of how to properly service customers and understand their needs through conversation. Upon graduating college with his Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and Finance, he began work at a public accounting firm, and within 3 years of his start there, obtained his CPA license.
Since day one, Joshua has always dreamed of owning his own firm and having the opportunity to service clients utilizing his own unique approach.
Joshua believes that strong relationships are the key to achieving client goals. With open and active communication, a long term relationship can be formed that fosters the best solutions for the client.

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