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Fractional CFO and Advisory

Financial Clarity & Growth: Customized budgeting, forecasting, & advisory support that scales with you.

CPA communicating with client discussing cash flow
To Grow Your Business With Data 

Mana offers support to empower business with visibility and clarity into financial data. This ensures informed decision-making, enabling future planning and driving growth and success. 

Process Improvement

Streamline financial operations by identifying inefficiencies, implementing best practice and integrating cutting edge technology.

Financial Advisory

Get actionable insights and strategic suggestions to drive improvement and growth.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Accurate and timely projections, helping you manage liquidity and plan for the future.

KPI Reporting

Deliver clear and comprehensive insights into your business performance to track progress and make decisions.


Allocate resources effectively, control costs and achieve business goals with confidence.

Financial Reporting

Transparent, concise and timely financial reporting empowering well informed financial decisions.

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